Changes to

A few months ago the whole of was migrated to a new hosting platform. Not much has happened since then with but that is now changing, as there will be more new posts coming in regularly from here on in, especially in NZ Tekonverse. When the existing blogs were all rolled into at that time it was understood the existing categories would not be useful because each blog had its own categories, which were not appropriate for a single blog as they were specific to each blog. So all the categories were converted into tags. But now for commonsense reasons it has been found expedient and much more useful to convert all the tags back into categories, except that each of these categories has been re-edited into becoming subcategories of the master category of each of the former blogs. This will work a lot better than the tags, which have now disappeared completely from the site.

One thing that seems to have got lost in the migration is the few posts from itself (as opposed to the feeds from other blogs at the time) which possibly were missed for import, the key issue would have been separating these out of the larger feed at the time. The result is this is only the second post tagged at the moment in the blog. A good job has been done of weeding out all the posts that didn’t belong in this category and moving them to NZ Tekonverse where the vast majority of them belong. Although it is a bit late the blog now has redirects for all of the former blog addresses to the main category pages for each of the blog sections. This will make finding older articles a bit easier if there are still old articles in the blog. It could have also been an option to establish multi site WordPress on the blog and keep the blogs all separate but the decision was as they are all relatively low in traffic the advantages of rolling them all into one blog was fairly compelling in terms of simplicity and ease of maintenance.

There will be several posts on NZTekonverse -> NZ Rail Maps Technical category over coming days as well as other parts of NZTK so look out for those.