Hello nztechonverse.converser.nz

Welcome to a new month and and the new nztechonverse.converser.nz, which is the self-hosted replacement for nztechonverse.wordpress.com. It is part of the newly established converser.nz group of blogs, which are in the process of being migrated to the new web site converser.nz.

Setting up this site has been a time consuming process over several days and costs so far are around $50 for the domain name and the first year’s hosting at GoDaddy NZ (special introductory rate). A suitable SSL certificate will have to be added for around another $50 to handle required website security. All in, the site will cost around $200 a year when it comes up for renewal in 12 months’ time. For the webmaster, this is like rolling back the clock 20 years, before such a thing as social media existed. Then, we all used blogs a lot more. Facebook didn’t come along until sometime later. The problem is that Facebook has become too dominating and serving its own ends rather than what users need. That is why this site is being established, to enable more control over publishing with less hassles.

Content from nztechonverse is automatically syndicated to the central site converser.nz from which it is also syndicated in other directions. The posts from nztechonverse. wordpress.com are in the process of being migrated to this blog.