Blogs all up now (almost) – again

So here I am doing my second blog migration in only two months. This time I’m shifting everything onto DreamHost from GoDaddy. I’ll explain the reasons behind that choice in my next post. For now, although there has been a bit of a learning curve because of the differences in site implementation, most of the blogs are now working with just two or three that need a little work.

The previous post contained various detail that I don’t want to repeat here, pretty much everything in it is the same and works the same, with the master feed still at and for those of you who subscribed by RSS, this should all be working as before although you would have seen an apparent large number of new posts. But most of them would have been previous posts re-imported from the newly migrated blogs.

One of the reasons for the migration is that DreamHost on the plan I subscribed to is fully integrated with Let’s Encrypt, which is the Linux Foundation’s free SSL certificate program. The benefits of this will be documented in the next post, but having these certificates available for every site and automatically renewing makes for a big maintenance advantage and has directly influenced the decision to migrate so soon after starting to use the GoDaddy hosting platform.

One difference from the GoDaddy hosting implementation is that Christchurch Transport Blog will have its own site and domain which is a domain I registered 18 months ago and which I have decided to keep for use with the blog.