Blogs all up now

After getting the SSL certificates installed for both sites, final customisations have been completed and layouts set. Each blog now has a distinct unique colour scheme and all have the same layout with the placement of widgets in the sidebars and footers.

When a post is made on a subblog, a plugin installed in picks up the new post and copies it to Therefore, a reader who wants to read all the sub blogs together has only to subscribe once, to the email or RSS feed off

However, if a reader does not want the full feed, they also can choose individual blogs to subscribe to, using the links and forms at the bottom of the individual blogs, which are the same as the ones on but only receive the posts from the individual blog they are attached to.

We are currently hosted on GoDaddy. This hosting provider does not have any integration with LetsEncrypt to automatically renew certificates after 3 months. Therefore, it is possible we will consider switching to another hosting provider such as DreamHost when our prepaid first year of hosting on Godaddy is up. This will be investigated around the middle of 2021.

For now, we have a number of articles in draft form on the various sub blogs which are waiting to be picked up and posted, as well as other planned topics. So readers can expect to see the pace of things pick up from here on blogs.