Bye Bye Debian

Well since writing about steps in migrating to Kubuntu from Debian I have pushed ahead and migrated practically everything so now it is only a spare or two that is still running Debian. This is quite a step forward as I have previously regarded Debian as being the distribution of choice for someone like me. However it seems to be in a situation where the level of support for Debian in the community is steadily dropping in favour of other distros and consequently the development of Debian releases is steadily falling behind.

This is an interesting full circle for me as prior to switching over to Debian I used Xubuntu for quite a long time, choosing to ditch that in favour of KDE running on Debian because XFCE development is also slowing. Now it’s Kubuntu that is the distro of choice for me. Given my previous preference for Ubuntu-based distros I can see Kubuntu being a preference for years to come.

Most of the migration has gone fairly smoothly except on mainpc where I had to create a completely new user profile and then copy stuff over to it, with some resulting issues which have been sorted. mainpc at the time of writing this still needs several applications reinstalled but this will be straightforward enough and won’t take long.

I am looking forward to migrating systems to 22.04 which can be done as a direct upgrade from 20.04 and will be offered as a built in option when 22.04.1 is released, probably about July as the initial release will come out in a couple of weeks and then the .1 update usually appears about three months after that.