Canon EOS M100 / Computer Upgrade

Well I have been using a Canon EOS M100 for some weeks as a replacement for my SX260 compact which while it still works, has problems with the shutter on the front of the lens jamming. And while the SX260 was sort of a high end travel zoom and I miss its 20x lens, I won’t miss that its low light performance even with its (for the time) superior chip capable of pushing the ISO to 1600 without much difficulty, doesn’t really compare to a camera capable of doing 16,000 ISO without many challenges. So even with only a 3x zoom and a puny little flash and no hotshoe on this model (considering I use it more than my DSLR which has a hotshoe, because it has better low light and video performance), it still really shines as the entry level model of the EOS mirrorless range. 
Last week I went to an event and took a lot of photos and also some video and while the EOS 600D did quite well and I have two (kit) lenses for it, the EOS M100 also did very well and I used it to shoot an hour of video and take quite a lot of photos as well. And you can just do so much more with it than with a compact with all the limitations they have.
On another topic I have tested a few of my Linux computers running sddm with the Plasma login screen and the ones with the NVidia cards seem to have issues and the ones with Intel graphics don’t. So maybe the Nouveau driver for NVidia graphics has its limitations. 
The other issue is needing computers with 32 GB of RAM to get things done, especially graphics editing. I hummed and hawed about getting 32 GB of RAM into serverpc but I would have to throw away the 16 GB already in it because it only has two RAM slots. When I built this one it was just going to be a basic Windows box and it wasn’t going to need a lot of memory. So I only got a cheaper board with two slots. After tossing around the different options the easiest is to upgrade what is currently mediapc which has 12 GB of DDR3-1333 RAM, to 32 GB its maximum limit. You can buy 4 pieces of 8 GB Kingston ValueRam for $500 as a kit and the 8 GB in it now would go into mainpc (hopefully) to make it 32 GB. Then we swap the current mediapc and serverpc around so that mediapc runs on this newer box with “only” 16 GB of RAM and Intel graphics. So that is the plan, all I need is a spare $500 now…