Buster challenges

There have been a few issues I have found using Debian Buster so far. Among them

  • Command shells have a much more limited set of commands that will work all the time. For example blkid is the latest command I have found that will not work in a Bash shell window under KDE (Konqueror). dpkg and others also have problems. For this reason I am spending more time switching to a terminal session (Ctrl-Alt-F1 through to F6 will open terminal sessions, Ctrl-Alt-F7 will switch back to KDE) in order to carry out tasks that will not work in bash, even under root.
  • btrfs seems to be having problems. I was using it on my backup disks so that I could compress the data. It looked like it was going to work until I tried running a backup, at which point the read-write backup disk that was mounted suddenly changed into a read-only filesystem. At that point I wiped the disk and set it up as an ext4 partition, and now rdiff-backup is working fine.
  • Installing openssh-server on a backup target was problematic but after rebooting the machine it started working properly so backups using mediapc to run the backup process off a remote target seem to be OK now. I am doing my first backups in several months.

But most things seem to work OK, and there are always limits on what you can do in a shell window anyway. For example this is the reason that I went to a lot of trouble to set up the root login in KDE on computers. I haven’t done that on any of the computers that have been upgraded to Buster and the latest version of KDE because I can change to the terminal session to be able to do anything that can’t be done in a shell window.