Linux video editing, revisited

Some way back, I don’t recall exactly, I talked about Linux video editing. When I set up mediapc the idea was that was going to be its key function. Then I ran into some roadblocks trying to find FOSS software that could do this, and just gave up and stuck with Avidemux, which can do a few basic things but does tend to crash from time to time (latest is it crashing every time I try to extract 14 seconds from a 50 minute clip). To be true, I also did look at some audio mixing software that was Linux shareware, had a quick play with it and left it because I didn’t have the need at that time (Ardour). It might be completely free now, I’m not sure, but I expect something like it will get more use from me in the future the way it looks like things are going for me. 
Anyway, back to video editing. This blog post by a Red Hat guy was really enlightening, because his experiences with some of the FOSS packages out there really mirrored mine.
Clearly he reached a conclusion out of many editors he looked at (I looked at most of them as well), Blender is the only one worth bothering with, all the rest are cr@p. So at least I can be sure it isn’t just me that many of these programs crash non stop, etc.
mediapc and playerpc will be getting Blender installed in them pretty soon for various tasks and it looks like once I get the hang of it, it should be able to do everything I need. We shall see.