Lubuntu vs Debian / LXQt

As we well know my preference is very much the use of Debian rather than Ubuntu. I do this because Debian better supports experienced Linux users like me. Debian however omits firmware drivers for non-free hardware by default which means a lot of fiddling to download and install and there are some other capabilities like mtp and sudo that need extra work to configure. On the other hand Debian supports hibernation by default.
On some devices such as a laptop the easy installation of Lubuntu is more preferable if hibernation is not needed for example. Lubuntu also has sensible default settings for pulseaudio, specifically flat-volumes=no, which the Debian community has still not been able to address (debian is one of the very few distros that does not implement this by default)
Debian with LXQt will remain the choice for the computer at my desk that is used to play my worship music and video collection because this computer also gets used for day to day stuff and hibernation is a huge benefit. However Lubuntu will be my OS of choice for computers like a laptop or NUC that have wireless hardware in them.