More Debian

Since last writing the remaining Linux computers in the house have been changed over to Debian. As usual this has been a straightforward procedure, in the case of mediapc reconnecting the RAID array being as simple as it was on mainpc. All computers use XFCE as their desktop environment.
There are now four computers in this household running Linux and one running Windows 10. The possibility is that the Windows 10 computer will be changed to the lowest spec one due to the fact I use Windows quite rarely and struggle to see the rationale in having a computer sitting there not being used a lot of the time. However the case for the fourth Linux computer isn’t that great either so of the four computers on this desk, at present the lowest spec one is running Linux and the 3rd lowest runs Windows. The other issue with switching computers is ensuring there are enough USB ports as there are quite a few camera cables and other devices plugged into the Windows computer such as the printer and scanner.
Due to now having a fourth computer at my desk (a small form factor that used to be playing videos in my bedroom) it is using its VESA bracket to mount on one of the monitor support posts at the side of the desk and has its own keyboard and mouse plus the KVM to share the main keyboard/mouse. It has one display of its own plus sharing a display with the mediapc. At least this lets me make reasonable use of it to do some actual work on.
Debian 10 is a test installation as this is a development version of the software but it will run Qgis development edition and I am using this where I can and may install additional applications to see if I can test out this version of Debian reasonably well. I may have a look at a good audio editor if ones exist to see how well it would work on the platform.
The bedroom PC is hopefully getting replaced with another low-end system but using better supported hardware (Intel chipset) that can play videos because this has been an issue with the AMD E350 board (the same board also in the 4th computer on my desk). Since AMD has dropped support for the Radeon chipset on these boards in Linux as well as Windows, these computers now struggles to play even Youtube videos full screen. I could put an older version of Debian or Ubuntu on it and regain that performance but replacing the computer with one using Intel chipsets is the preferred scenario.