New bits for “old” computers [6]

The HDD bracket for serverpc arrived today so that is the opportunity to finish off this computer and bolt it to its shelf, all now complete. It was annoying that the expensive heavy brackets I bought from Mitre10 turn out not to be bent at a right angle, with the shelf drooping down more than 90 degrees, but a $5 bracket put underneath the shelf has lifted it up to be virtually level. I might add another bracket to ensure it stays that way. The biggest annoyance was the HDD adapter bracket that seems not to be able to fit into the drive bay, whether the holes are slightly out of line or something I didn’t try to check, I just managed to get it in place and secured after a lot of fiddling.

As of now I still have to do just the shelf on top of the drawers. Which I guess will happen later this week.

Today the Unifi AP PRO seems to have gone on the blink and advertised itself as “Your New Wireless Network” instead of the correct name, but when I joined things up on this name, it changed to showing the correct name. Seems to be working properly now, but I am setting up a new VM to be a controller anyway. This one will be running Fedora, just to be different.

Fedora has a nice graphical installation, a cut above the Debian/Ubuntu ones, if you like pretty displays. I chose the XFCE desktop install, just to be consistent with everything else. Fedora was reasonably easy to set up and the ubiquiti controller was fairly straightforward once I obtained the fedora specific package for it. I don’t actually need the controller right now but it will be there next time I need to reprogram the Unifi but it has to be adopted onto the controller first which is its own rigamarole so that can wait.

The K230 keyboard I use with serverpc has become a liability with a few issues surfacing unfortunately including repeated situations where the backtick just sticks down so I have ordered a replacement from Dove to come out by courier hopefully tomorrow, the old one will just have to be thrown away as I can’t be bothered going back to globalpc to get it replaced. Hopefully it isn’t a design fault, just a fault with that particular one.