OverGrive seems to work again…for now.

OverGrive is a Google Drive client for Linux. It has been around for several years. I used (and licensed) an earlier version of the product, which I was forced to stop using last year because it stopped working (this quite often happens when Google updates their API to a new version which requires software changes). At that point with no apparent communication or updates from the developer, I switched to the free “grive” package, which however is command line only and lacks the GUI configuration interface, system tray icon and other features of OverGrive. However that also stopped working earlier this year, probably for similar reasons.
It so happened I was reading a Linux website today and saw an article on Tech Republic showcasing OverGrive, so I decided to try reinstalling it, and was surprised to find that it works. The version listed on their website is still the same version as I had installed before. It seems to work OK on Buster despite this (the free grive package had to have specific versions for each release of Ubuntu, which was a trial and error installation onto Debian because of course, Ubuntu uses a different release schedule).
I currently have two licenses for two different versions, on two different computers. One of these is for the NZ Rail Maps project and provides for a daily backup of the core project files and layers. It doesn’t, of course, include all the aerial photo layers which would not fit into a 15 GB Google Drive cloud storage space. However at present these layers are stored on two different computers as well as being backed up on removable disk.
So with very minimal documentation on OverGrive it’s hard to understand why it stopped working on my computer and whether there really has been an update to it. The homepage still links to the highly out of date GitHub and Launchpad repositories, without any explanation of why these areas have not been updated for several years. If this outfit actually still maintains their product and take an active interest in it, they haven’t exactly made it obvious.