Welcome to the world of M.2 [2]

Since last month writing about M.2 SSDs several have been installed in different computers. It has been found difficult to use them as a Linux boot device so regular SSDs still do these roles in computers. On an H97 board, six SATA ports went down to four when the M.2 SSD was installed, whereas on a B250 board, the six SATA ports did not conflict with the SSD at all. Also it has been necessary to upgrade Debian from Buster to Bullseye to be able to have the M.2 SSDs swap space able to be used for hibernation, probably because of the upgrade from the Linux 4.9 kernel to 5.10. The performance improvement over regular SATA SSDs should result in faster hibernation and resume, and also with applications that use swap a lot, which is generally when using Gimp to edit very large graphics files. All M.2 SSDs installed to date have been WD Black SN750 250 GB and are configured with the entire space assigned as Linux swap.