Integromat as an alternative to IFTTT

For the last few years I have made a lot of use of IFTTT for automated web integration between my blogs and Facebook pages. IFTTT is quite good for this and I still use it to this day, with multiple IFTTT accounts as each account can only work with one Facebook page at a time, for example. One issue with IFTTT is that it doesn’t have its own Facebook Groups action to post to a Group. Instead you have to use Buffer to do the actual posting. The key issue with Buffer is the free edition only allows you to post to one group. Even if you set up multiple Buffer accounts, only one Facebook connection is allowed between them, so in effect you can only use one Buffer account at a time unless you are prepared to pay the huge sum of $15 per month for multi account support.
I did some digging around and discovered Integromat, which is a complete alternative to IFTTT/Buffer combination. It is set up the same sort of way as IFTTT but incorporates its own Facebook Groups action. It looks it can do most of what IFTTT and Buffer together can do. One thing that is different is it doesn’t allow in the free edition for you to schedule posting times – I have Buffer set up to post at two hour intervals so it can take a queue of posts and spread them out with one post every two hours. 
So that looks like a good alternative as the Buffer deliberate cripple to gouge you for $150 a year for their services has stopped me from being able to use Buffer with a second WordPress blog that has a Facebook group receiving its posts and that means I actually have a backlog of posts that I need to catch up on for that group.