New bits for “old” computers [10]

As I detailed recently I have changed my desk layout to allow four keyboards to be used easily and have also changed the screen layout to suit. I had four wireless keyboards to make this happen. Unfortunately the MS multimedia keyboard I use with the win10pc has gone wonky and having go slows and keys randomly sticking and repeating so that has gone in the rubbish.
Since it is hard to get enough different wireless keyboards and especially multimedia keyboards for my layout I have decided not to bother with replacing it. Instead the left hand keyboard slide (the one where I often have drinking cups/glasses) will be adapted to become wider and deeper so it can double as a storage/usage location for the Genius mini USB keyboard I have. This will be used with a regular wireless mouse for the relatively small amount of time that I need to use this setup, since I can always switch one of the two main keyboards to this computer. 
The regular backups will be started this weekend. serverpc will in fact act as a server for all the computers but they will each have their own repo, which for mainpc will be on one particular 2 TB backup disk, while serverpc and mediapc will have a repo each on a shared 2 TB disk. Alternatively I may stick with a disk for each computer, so as to have spares, the main issue being not enough disks at the moment. This arrangement is preferred because serverpc can be easily shut down to change disks without disrupting things as can happen with disks having to be inserted in the removable bay and brought online.
The amount of disk space on mainpc for a complete set of aerial photos for a rail corridor 235 km long has turned out to be about 2.4 GB. This is very good so the required files can be kept on mainpc with the rest of the map project files, serverpc will be used to store the bulk downloads before the images actually needed are selected. So I am budgeting on having 100 GB of disk space used on mainpc for all the maps which is quite reasonable with its disk capacity at present.
The living room is getting a makeover at present to optimise all the things I do in here and a lot of stuff that doesn’t need to be in here will get stored “temporarily” in the bedroom until I get that properly tidied up, as I need to make the living room the daytime space for everything to save on winter heating costs, using the aircon to make the room temp 16-17 degrees and wearing a few layers of clothes to avoid having to heat the room more than that.