More Xubuntu

As a result of rearranging things in the house and having three computers in one room, I now have three Xubuntu computers in the house and one Windows 8.1 computer. One of those Xubuntu computers is acting as a media player with Kodi. The function of the Windows computer is mostly to do with hardware I don’t have Linux drivers for – scanner and cameras etc, as I can do all software requiring functions in a VirtualBox VM running Win7.
Xubuntu is a very nice system with a lot cleaner appearance than Lubuntu, but the latter is still the most resource efficient option for low spec computers. However I have found in practice there is little difference between them resource usage wise and Xubuntu is a lot easier to set up power applications on. So that is why I am using Xubuntu for everything now.

So having just wiped Windows off the lounge computer and installed Xubuntu, now I will be setting it up to use much as it was used before, except that all the hardware will get connected to the Antec-Gigabyte computer which has joined the two other PCs in my bedroom and is the sole Windows computer in the house.