Firefox Multi Account Containers and Equivalents [2]

OK I have managed to simplify this from yesterday.

I now expect to have just single user profile in FF and do the following:

  • Window 1 will be the one on the main screen of my PC and it will be the one that mainly I am using MACs. The MACs will be geared around Google, WordPress and Disqus which are the multiple accounts I mostly have.
  • Window 2 will be on the second display and it will use MACs specific to NZ Rail Maps. Currently I use Opera to access this stuff but I need to use FF for this.
  • Both Window 1 and Window 2 are Firefox Developer Edition (aka Firefox Quantum).
  • Window 3 is specific to certain accounts and purposes and won’t need to have the MAC extension installed. It will maintain separation by using the standard version of Firefox which has its own separate user profile from FFQ.
So that makes it relatively easy to set up the MACs and use them in FFQ. I want to use Firefox for everything now especially what I used to use Chrome for in the past and also Opera. Both are still installed but won’t need to be used.