Free Linux video editors [2]

I have written a few times about video editing, in May this year I talked about a few free packages I had tried out that didn’t work.

As mediapc now has more memory and a better hardware spec, I am planning to install Blender, Handbrake, Lightworks and ShotCut on it and see if those packages will work better than some of the ones I have tried in the past.

Mostly video editing is of worship videos, and I am gearing up to superimpose lyrics onto some clips so that they can be used in small group settings with playback on a TV. To do this I have worked out the easiest way is to make a powerpoint which shows one line at a time with multiple screens and play back the video on one computer and on the other computer have the powerpoint going with stepping through in time to the worship video and have a screen recorder recording the area of the screen where the words are displayed. Then overlaying the lyrics video onto the original with a video editor. This is a lot easier than putting the lyrics one step at a time into a video editor as a text overlay with all the fiddling around to get the timing exactly right which I think would take a lot longer to do. (But maybe I am wrong about that)
Of course worship presentation software can also do this, but you need extra hardware to capture the video on the same computer, and the software also costs a lot of money. 
It may be there is another way of doing what I am trying to do, so I will look into these options more over the holiday break and see what I can find out.