Keeping a Windows computer in the house

Last time around I wrote about Linux virtualisation, for which I was testing VMWare Player.
With some more testing there have been issues with VMWare which seems to have difficulty either with multitasking with other apps in a Linux system, or maybe it is Ubuntu that has the issue. Either way, it has been difficult having the VMWare Player running on the system. Another issue is the amount of memory it can use.
Since I have another good computer in the house (newer than the one running Linux) I have decided to put that one onto Windows 7 (it is currently running 10, which I hate) and use that one for the Windows stuff in the household. In particular it will be running all of my ebook reader applications as none of VitalSource, Kindle or ADE have yet been released for Linux and because of DRM the Linux community in general has not produced FOSS applications to handle these formats, as far as I am aware (as they would object to the licensing terms probably)
Before this I had a third computer that sat on the same desk as the Linux box and ran Windows so I had easy access to both OSs but I am using that computer for something else now and since the second computer of the house isn’t getting much use it is a best use of resources to have it doing Windows applications for the household.