Multiple Monitors on Linux

One of the features of Linux as with other operating systems is its multiple monitor capability. As with Windows you can have your desktop spread across two or more screens, with different windows showing on different monitors.
Cinnamon in Mint has added the ability to have multiple panels (taskbar equivalent) on each screen and to have them all individually configurable. This is quite a step up from Windows as you can choose each of the elements (applets) individually – a Window List, a Menu, a Launcher and other functions. If the window list applet is put on the individual panels of the secondary monitors then the windows on that monitor automatically appear on the panel instead of on the main monitor’s panel. Applications can be directly launched to appear on a particular panel by using the menu and/or launcher on that panel to launch them. There is complete flexibility in where the applets are located on each panel.
At this stage in time I have a menu and a launcher on each panel (and the launchers are all different from each other) but only one system tray and one workspace switcher. The menu and launcher on the secondary monitors appear closest to the primary monitor. All this is completely configurable.