Python Scripting: Planned Scripting Projects Update

Back in February this year I set out a list of planned scripting projects following my acquisition of Python programming skills. The sequence of planned or implemented projects to date is:
  1. NZ Rail Maps project script to copy a set of GIS raster layer files based on reading a QLR file produced by Qgis. Currently used occasionally.
  2. Auto sync script for creating an audio-only clone of a collection of video files. Not yet started.
  3. A script to produce layer fractional segment sidecar files for GIS raster layers. Not used at present due to this feature not currently being used for mosaic tile generation.
  4. EXIF based image rename script for digital camera photos / movies. Used almost daily.
  5. I’m not sure what scripting project was going to have the number 5 because I went straight to 6 instead, and it’s a mystery at the moment why I did this. It would have made sense at the time, because project 5 may not have been written down, or it appeared in one of the previous articles that I haven’t re-read thoroughly enough to determine.
  6. Taking the script from (3) above and changing it into a straight duplication script for simply copying sidecars where layers are duplicated. This is currently used quite regularly when mosaic tiles are exported for use with Qgis.
It is now time to pick up item (2) and start work on it, this week hopefully.  I now have a situation where I need to be able to play back music from a phone and base it on automating the audio extraction from video files to produce a music-only tree clone of a video file collection.