2nd NZ SchoolTech Conference Coming Up

SchoolTech 07 is coming up in July in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. As with the inaugural conference last year this promises to be a showcase of IT technologies that are of interest to the school sector.

Although the range of keynote speakers and topics is new, attendees will see little difference in the vendors’ stalls and seminars, and some are only offered in Auckland.

Notably absent from these conferences in the past two years have been major vendors like Microsoft and Novell. Having a larger range of vendors involved would make this conference more appealing, whereas at this time the value of the conference is restricted by this limitation. I probably will be attending but there would have to be much more happening in future years to get me back there.

* UPDATE * Tuanz’s website now shows that the Christchurch and Wellington events have been cancelled. I was already half thinking of changing my mind and not going, because there isn’t that much that is new except for the keynotes. If these events are going to be successful in future years there is going to have to be much more variety in the vendors and their seminars. Nearly all of them are the same as last year. Why can’t they get Microsoft, Novell, Integris etc along to these events?