Advanced MDT

My production deployment of the Win7EntX64 image has had a few glitches we are looking into. Two deployments had errors, but two worked more or less as expected. I have started to leverage the VM produced monolithic images by creating custom task sequences to deploy them to other platforms, which is one way we can prove the benefits of using a system like MDT to set up our computers.

The next task is to see how I can package Windows XP Mode and a preconfigured VM with certain legacy applications into the custom image deployment task sequence so that it is all set up and deployed to certain platforms ready for use.

Another part of MDT is to use it to do backup captures of machines, something we do regularly with Ghost. To do this I set up another deployment share and customised it with a different path (to my backup share rather than my setup share) then put in a capture task and disabled the sysprep on it. Captures get started using the LiteTouch script on the share rather than using a boot CD so it is very convenient. The first capture with this system has now been successfully completed for backing up a laptop and the system will be used again with all the laptops that we need to return at EOL as well as the other occasions in which we back stuff up.