Another heater

Just to round off the discussion about heaters, here are two more of the four I have bought this winter.

On the left, the latest acquisition is the very simple, small, cheap and cheerful Goldair GIR300. A three bar radiant heater which just does the basics at a price of about $70. On the right, the cleverly styled ceramic fan heater I bought about six weeks ago, the Goldair GCH200, which is about $40 regular priced. The radiant has three heats which is better than two on the fan heater because I find that I have to keep switching between high and low heat settings, and it also happens to be silent in operation which is a great virtue.
So I am still waiting for ESS to decide whether their examination of the De Longhi convector I bought along with the fan heater shows a design problem. They have had the whole six weeks to decide this, and I think if they haven’t managed anything substantial in about two more, they are a bunch of pathetic bureacrats and I shall go and pick it up off them and get some use out of it.
Anyway if you don’t want to buy De Longhi heaters but are still looking for a good range of reasonably priced quality product go and look at what Goldair have to offer. Once upon a time back in the mid 80s or so PDL started to produce Goldair fan heaters. These were NZ made and a quality product as it turned out. We knew someone who worked for PDL so we were able to get one at a good price, as they were relatively dear. Of course that old fan heater worked for 10 years or more. These days they are cheaper but rarely last like that. The last time I bought a Goldair fan heater, it lasted one winter before it seized up. It’s good to see that Goldair are now producing stuff of a higher quality again. De Longhi make reasonable stuff but you can’t get all of their range in NZ, in particular their fan models are a bit hard to come by. There aren’t any radiant models as far as I can see. Briscoes sell most of the Goldair range and it’s only a little dearer than the cheap Warehouse junk so worth a look.