Antec ISK 110

About a month ago I wrote about this chassis which I decided I could afford to buy. I have a spare Gigabyte GA-350N WIN8 Mini-ITX board about the place I intend to put into this thing when I get round to it.

With just a very quick look at it out of the box the ISK 110 has dropped the skinny little fan that the ISK 100 had mounted to the side of it. Why I am unsure as although my board has its own CPU fan and probably will get by without the case fan, it would be hard to source the equivalent elsewhere. So I hope the dropping of the fan from this chassis was a well thought out decision as some situations may still require one. In the photo you can see through the side of the chassis the holes in the I/O shield that it comes with, which can be taken out easily and replaced with the one that comes with the M/B. This proved to be necessary as the built in shield blocked off a USB port.
It’s shown on the kitchen table which is currently my main work surface. Hope to get onto it soon but I am very busy up until the time when I finally get the old flat handed back to the property managers.

Well here is another shot, this one with the GA-350 WIN8 board installed, but no cables connected yet. The built in cables are for the front panel switch, LEDs, USB and sound ports. One issue is you are not going to get tidy cabling inside a chassis like this for the simple reasons of lack of space and lack of things to tie cables to. I might be able to tie to the side of the CPU heatsink though. Not shown are the power cables which are separate. There is an internal power supply board which gets 19V from an external laptop-type supply and converts this to the various voltages. It comes with a cable that connects to the board and also provides for HDDs etc.