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Somewhere back then I have most probably had a whinge about Canon and proprietary battery cameras. This year I bought two at once and both of them have been an issue as the battery tends to go flat at the most inconvenient time and with a new battery at around $70-80 I haven’t been in a hurry to buy two different batteries to go in two different chargers.
With the ongoing inconvenience, rather than buy two batteries at $150 I would rather replace the camera with one of two possible AA battery choices:
  • Powershot A1200 at about the same price as the A2300 but slightly lower spec
  • Powershot SX150IS at $230 which is considerably higher in spec, only just below the SX260
For the amount of use this 2nd camera gets it is hard to justify the extra cost of the SX150 so I think I would go for the cheaper option and still have the benefits of AA battery use. Still tossing up whether to buy the 2nd battery for the SX260 though. Just why in this day and age we cannot have external USB power or charging on these cameras is very hard to understand.
The A1200 is not officially released in NZ by Canon so I would be buying from a parallel importer instead.