Blog Angst & Random Notes

What should this blog be about? I’ve decided it will just present technical info / tips / notes in abbreviated format – quicker to write – NO POLITICS OR COMMENTARY ANY MORE – can’t be bothered.

Who needs Facebook etc or iPhones or iPads. Why do we need all this technological development. Where is it taking us. Life is devalued by requiring an inexhaustible supply of cheap labour in undemocratic countries.

Primary school is good to work in because their technological needs in classrooms are not very demanding. Most resources here go into teachers’ needs.

Drivers for Windows Server 2008 unavailable for LSI MegaIDE onboard RAID controller on Intel SE7230NH1 board only 4 1/2 years old = useless technology companies that stop supporting things after about three years. Ditto MS (Windows Server obsolescence).

Need a download manager? Use VisualWGet hooked into Firefox with FlashGot extension. Very reliable and fast now that we download so much large software files like complete OSs. Better than Download Express that I used for years, recent versions are unreliable.

Ideal backup hardware solution: looking more like a NAS/NSS server (Seagate or Western Digital). Testing SCDPM2010 on a test server. Looks very good so far.