Camera Totals

Not bragging but with the numbers on the SX260 my averages are way up on the last few years. I have renamed/reorganised the Picasa albums for Earthquake for this year all as general Christchurch albums instead. This is an important reflection on the fact that on discovering the many architectural gems hidden away within certain residential streets of the four avenues, I have packed many photos unrelated to the quakes into these albums especially of late and can’t be bothered separating them out of the earthquake ones. Also we are moving on and it is time to move on since the earthquakes.
SX260 – I think about 4800 photos since the beginning of June so about 200/week on average.
A2300 – just passed 700 photos in 22 weeks. For me this is a pretty low count for a camera. Now that I have the SX150 I could be back to taking a lot more photos on the camera I take with me everywhere because it has such greater capabilities (the 12x zoom lens and full manual exposure control are obvious examples).
S5 – the total for the SX260 just passed the S5 total. Considering I had the S5 for much longer, the last time I took any photos on it was almost a year ago, because its functions can be rolled into one of the other cameras. Fairly soon all my cameras will be almost as good as the S5 and two of them are already being used a lot more regularly. The S5 is going to be given away fairly soon and it will not feature any more.