Camera Totals

Borrowed EOS 450D: About 600 photos a month ago. Must get myself one of these.
SX260: 1400 photos so far – 10 weeks so 140/week or about 470/month.
A2300: 165 photos so far – 8 weeks so 20/week or about 85/month.

The lack of photos on the A2300 is a combination of many factors – chief of them is that I don’t take anything like as many photos at work as I used to when I worked fulltime at Hillview. Secondly that the SX260 being just as portable gets the nod for recreational photography.

The S5 got a very small amount of use alongside the EOS that I borrowed. The EOS was so superior that I have no qualms at all about letting the S5 go. Currently I’m planning to let this happen around the end of the year – but I will be keeping the flash for when I get my own EOS, and in the meantime for use on any of about three I could borrow. I let the A2000 go about a month ago.