Still thinking about that DSLR and planning on maybe a EOS 600D with just one lens. Although to make it harder Canon has just brought out the compact EOS 100D, about $200 dearer though. Currently an EOS 600D with the kit 18-55 lens is $890, body only is $798. You can have the twin lens kit for $1250. However you could also pick up the body and fit it with a separate Tamron or something for close to $1200-1300. At this stage I may just go with the 18-55 and maybe pick up something else later. Tamron do have an 18-200 quite cheap about $330, there is also a similar but slightly dearer Sigma. Probably will buy the 600D with the single lens and maybe add another lens later.

Not providing any new camera totals as I have pretty well stopped taking lots of photos of the city since the 2nd earthquake anniversary. Most of the reason is no one is looking at them. The SX150 has had a handful taken, while the SX260 has hardly been used at all.
Other options are the new 100D and 700D. The latter is just an updated 650D and therefore offers very little. If it was as small as the 100D with the 600D’s screen it might be worth looking at but that is not the case. The 100D is interesting but is notably missing the articulated screen, if it had one fitted it would be worthy of consideration. But I might still have a look at it in the shop. After a great deal of consideration I think the 600D twin lens kit is the one I would probably go for, with a case that can accommodate it plus the flash. The standard twin lens kit of the 100D is about $200 more so it will be a tough choice. I think on reflection one of these twin lens kits is the one I will go for, possibly the 600D with one. Also looking at opportunities within one of the schools to do some voluntary photography for them.