End of year Catchup

By now it will be apparent I have not posted any work related content here for a good while. The reason is mostly that we are hideously busy with end of year stuff.

Here is a useful code snippet. How to get a ping log with nice neat output, with the time and date displayed. It is great when you are having problems with your internet connectivity and need a continuous log of pings at a particular time/date.

@echo off
for /F "tokens=*" %%i in (‘ping -n 1’) do set Pingresult=%%i
echo %time% %date% %Pingresult% >>pingrg.txt
echo %time% %date% %Pingresult%
goto top

Basically this tells the Windows shell command interpreter to:

  • Do a single ping and store the results in an environment variable called Pingresult
  • Send one line of text to the end of a text file
  • Send the same line of text to the screen.
  • Repeat infinitely.

Now for more substance. We are working through various things including buying lots of new computers so I expect that some of the process of deploying a large number of new Windows 7 computers for students will be written about here within the holiday period that is starting soon.