Explorer path length bug workarounds

Following on from this morning’s post I checked out a couple of GUI based tools from Microsoft:

  • RichCopy is an internal MS tool they released to the community a while back. It works very well – when it works. When I used it, it crashed numerous times – apparently it can’t handle long paths at all. Another time it locked up the PC and it had to be rebooted. Due to these severe problems I regret I cannot recommend RichCopy (4.0.211)
  • Robocopy GUI is another MS tool that is basically a front end for Robocopy. Once you work your way around the options it is very powerful just like Robocopy and frees you from typing a long command line. In testing it has proved to be as powerful and robust as it should be. Kudos for this solution.

UPDATE: Robocopy GUI could only be run once. After that it simply would not run anything at all. When I tried using Robocopy from the command line with the same switches it works perfectly. As far as I can see, right now, this GUI version 3.1.2 has some severe limitation and the only thing it is useful for right now is to save me having to look up all the switches to use Robocopy from the command line (Which works!)