How about better service from NZ’s biggest ISP

  • Make your website less confusing so I can find my login to the Xtra/Yahoo Bubble more easily, especially my Sub Accounts. There are three different Telecom Xtra websites at, and that all overlap in the functionality they offer and these should be properly integrated together so users don’t have to mess around trying to work out which website they should be visiting for what.
  • Fix those several major parts of Yahoo Xtra ProMail that, after months, are still “under construction”.
  • Fix the bug in that will not let a user log in using a different email address if the last one they used is no longer valid. Goodness me, now I have to hunt down the cookie that is storing this obsolete email address and delete it before I can log in to Yahoo Bubble.
  • If a user can sign up for an additional Xtra Email subscription on a website, they should be able to close it down as well, I think.
  • I didn’t ask for my Xtra email address to be made into a Yahoo ID so that I have to sign out of my existing Yahoo ID before I can sign in to Yahoo Xtra Bubble, and then have to sign out of Bubble and sign back in again to my existing Yahoo ID to access services loaded onto it.
  • Fix whatever dumb bug stops me from removing email aliases that I don’t use any more from Xtra ProMail, yet ensures that I still get mail sent to those addresses delivered to my inbox.