HTC Windows Phone 8S Now Available in NZ

The HTC Windows Phone 8S is one of two offerings from HTC in the new Windows 8 ecosystem. The 8X is the higher spec version. Vodafone and Telecom will have the 8S filling out the low end of their Windows 8 product range in NZ. Both have released this in the last few weeks at $449. It has only 4 GB of internal storage, but unlike some of the more expensive Windows 8 phones from HTC and Nokia, it has one very useful feature, a micro SD card slot that can take up to a 32 GB card. At the moment I have decided to buy one of these later (once they are a bit more mature) and switch to the $65 Smart plan with the 12 month term that will give me 1 GB of data and $10 discount more or less straight away, with my current phone (HTC Trophy 7)  then I can get my home broadband onto Vodafone as well at the same $55 monthly price so my total bill will be about 2/3rds of what it is now.

Like many smartphones these days the HTC 8S has a sealed in battery, but the micro USB port allows an external battery to be connected. I would consider the Mophie Juicepack external battery (a bit pricey at $119 from the Apple shop) good to have as it can charge any Micro USB enabled device and has saved my bacon a number of times with the Trophy.