Logitech Z4 2.1 Speaker System

If you’ve ever set up DVD players with projectors in a school classroom, you know that you need something better than the tinny little speakers in the projector itself for sound. It was quite apparent that small computer speakers, which often have an output of 2 – 3 watts, would also be unsuitable, lacking both power and fidelity. We started off using wooden Genius PC speakers, which cost about $60 a pair, and have an output of 10 watts. These produce enough volume but are not high on sound quality. We have begun to install projectors permanently mounted off the ceiling in our classrooms together with electronic whiteboards and it was an opportune time to look for better speakers.

After a bit of hunting around I ordered in a set of Logitech Z4 speakers for evaluation. I already have a set of X230 speakers attached to my work PC, which can be thought of as a step down from the Z4; they have similar functionality overall but less power and are cheaper, and the speaker cables are permanently attached to the satellites, which is not convenient for any application where the speakers need to be much further apart than the width of a computer screen. We had a look previously also at the Altec Lansing MX5021 system which is a more powerful edition at a higher price. The Logitech speakers have enough power however to fill an average classroom.

Inside the box is the sub, the satellites, a wired volume control, power cord and audio cable. Setting it all up is easy enough. The sub plugs into the mains and then all the other bits connect to the sub. The speakers each have an attached lead fitted with an RCA plug, so that they can have extension leads fitted if more distance is needed. An audio input socket is provided on the rear of the sub. The volume control, which also provides power switching, bass level adjustment and a second input socket as well as a headphone output, connects by a cable using a 9 pin D plug. The sound quality is about what I had expected; whilst not perfect it is very good for the price of the system, and the speakers handled being cranked up to nearly full power, very well. The wired remote volume and bass adjustment controls are very convenient and the sub is well made, with a good solid grille that should withstand the rigours of classroom use. The satellites have a screw slot for hanging on the wall and a cable guide which is accessible after removing the attached stands.

I expect these systems to handle all of our classroom needs and be a much more worthwhile setup with the electronic whiteboards and hung projectors in the classrooms that we are fitting out for these.