Migrating from Exchange 2007 to Live@Edu -3-

Well, our migration is almost complete. We are still working on a few small things here and there. There has been one very significant issue that a number of our users have experienced and that has been that their addresses which they used in the old domain have been changed into funny addresses that look like an LDAP path (starting with /O= and all the other parts broken down). These are the addresses that we are having trouble with.

It turns out that these addresses are all stored in Outlook’s NK2 file (address autocomplete) and a possible solution is to edit the file and remove the particular entries in question. A tool called Nk2Edit.exe can do this for you. The type of entry that I am guessing will cause the problems is the EX type entry which (as you can see from the sample screen shot on that page) contains a string of data in that LDAP format.

I suppose the big question is how these addresses get changed in Outlook’s NK2 file. It must happen when the user’s account is taken out of the old Exchange server and put into the new one. There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason why this should occur.

As things have rolled along this week, I have spent a lot of time using Exchange Powershell to set miscellaneous options on various user identities. The current edition of OLCP is not yet as powerful as the Exchange Management Console that you get for a local Exchange server. So some things will still need to be configured with Powershell. I have solved more than a few technical problems this week with Powershell, and extended my knowledge of the operations that it can do in more than a few ways.