Mophie JuicePack Powerstation External

This useful gizmo (seen below next to the phone and some Microsoft furry rodentry) is an external battery that can charge most USB Micro devices. Mophie’s idea was to charge up things like an ipad or iphone. While they do make a range of battery docks for iphones and ipods, this one doesn’t have any dock. Instead it has two USB sockets: a Micro for charging it up, and a standard A socket for connecting it to a device for it to charge up. The power capacity is 4000mAh which means it could charge up the Trophy up to  three times.
It is about the size of an average smartphone and just a little thicker. Apart from the two sockets which are both on the top edge, there is a little button on the side that activates a 4 LED battery meter to show you how much charge it has left. When it is being charged this meter lights up giving some idea of progress although it never actually reaches 100%. The button also needs to be pressed when it is connected to the phone so that the phone can recognise it.
I bought a little Apple USB charger on Trademe to charge the Powerstation, unfortunately it blew up after only half an hour’s use. I will have to get another charger from somewhere, maybe Jaycar have one. In the reviews I read these chargers are known to blow up after a short life at times. 
The JuiceStation External is not the only device of its type out there but it is probably the easiest to get in NZ as it is sold by the Apple Store. They are currently retailing for $119 and come with a short USB Micro cable which can be used both for charging the battery (from a USB port) and charging a connected Micro USB device. It is very well made with a stainless steel edge and rubberised casing and will last a long time.

Well unfortunately the JuiceStation External had a relatively short life and I replaced it with something cheaper.