MUSAC System Files 32 Bit Installer for Unattended Install

This refers to the 32 bit system file distribution for Musac Classic Jan2010 Secondary package (2.0.2008.4).

There are two different MSIs that could be extracted from the install package to be considered for unattended installation. Since Musac appears not to want to support any unattended / automated installation (it is specifically noted as such in the documentation) I’ll have to try to break down

  • Do the standard routine of starting the installer, going to your temp folder and copying the extracted MSI file to somewhere (54603 KB).
  • Use the instructions supplied to do an “administrative install” which extracts a large number of files in specified folders and another smaller MSI (28356 KB).

Neither MSI will do an automated installation when pushed to a computer using the Software Installations Group Policy settings. The installation will simply freeze and not allow the computer to pass the installation stage. Every test platform has had to be “rescued” by removing the GPO in GPMC and then resetting so that it can complete the Computer Settings (system startup) stage of Group Policy without hanging.

Double clicking either MSI produces a request for more information. The smaller MSI states it will not run on 64 bit systems (a fatal error is produced for the MDAC 2.8 install, since these components are x86 only and have been superseded by WDAC, this level of the installation is not able to deal with that). Running the full executable (EXE) install is apparently functional on a 64 bit system but requires more checking to see if it is compatible (the documentation states this is a 32 bit compatible installation only). The larger MSI produces a similar experience to the full EXE and it appears that this EXE merely launches a fully interactive installation in the MSI, rather than acting as the user interface front-end to an MSI which performs only the installation steps with default responses. This appears to be the primary cause of the failure of this MSI to install unattended.

Errors from 64 bit install:

  • CTL3D32.dll must be placed in the Windows directory or similar
  • Error 1904: Module C:WindowsSysWOW64CPWCTL32.OCX failed to register. HRESULT –2147220473.
  • Error 1904: Module C:WindowsSysWOW64Cp5ocx32.OCX failed to register. HRESULT –2147220473.

Although I have Orca available it is not practical to use it with the MSIs without knowing how to force default settings in the customisations.

My next step will be to try the 64 bit installation on Windows Server 2008 R2 which is our RD server that would be used for staff remote access, once I have a better understanding of the technical issues.

UPDATE: Report for Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit as R2 is now not available as x86).

Installation as above except only the error for CTL3D32.dll was received.