NZ Schools 2007 Software Issues

  • eTrust ITM services are not started after installation on Vista. The Realtime agent will report that it cannot access the Realtime service. InoRT, InoRPC and InoTask services are all stopped. Windows Security Center reports that eTrust ITM is out of date. The PC is very slow with a high level of disk activity.
    • Resolution: From rebooting after installation the PC will be very slow and report these problems but eventually after some minutes the software will start running properly and the PC will be OK.
  • eTrust Local console (browser based) will not run on a desktop PC. (Connection Refused from some proxies)
  • eTrust ITM may not register its license at installation (XP or Vista).
  • MOE Vista Business DVD does not boot for installation.
    • Workaround: Install another operating system first, insert the DVD, choose Custom Install and configure it to delete the current operating system (for a clean install).