Old and new audio-video gear [2]: Sony

Last time I talked about some JVC gear I have owned. This time I will briefly look at a couple of pieces of Sony gear, one of which I did own.
 First up we have the TC-330 cassette and reel to reel tape player. When I went to high school in the late 1970s the school I attended had several of these units, as reel to reel tape was still in use in the school and they also had a number of reel to reel decks in use by the music department. They are quite a nifty unit, which as you can see also plays and records on cassettes, has a pair of speakers which clip on top as the lid, and will also allow a number of external devices to be connected for input.

First Walkman I owned was this WM-F28 which has a radio, auto reversing cassette and 3 band graphic EQ.

At intermediate school this is what we had for videoing. This particular unit is the Sony AV-3400 which used reel to reel tape and could record for 30 minutes on one reel. This particular system was allegedly portable although very heavy with a battery that could run it for about 45 minutes
Last time I wrote about JVC PC200 boomboxes. I ended up replacing that PC200 with this Sony CFS5000S  which I recall was a second hand purchase. Not as fully featured as the PC200 but it still had autoreverse tape (using a 4 track head so it was for playback only) and a graphic EQ. Not as powerful either but it was possible to connect it to other devices and I remember configuring it to allow me to use external speakers. The speakers on it were detachable.