OMNIS (RM Integris) on Windows Vista may be incompatible with Microsoft Groove

Refer to my previous article about setting appcompat settings for Omnis.exe to Windows 2000 in order to eliminate calls to EncodePointer and DecodePointer (functionality added to Windows XP Service Pack 2).

On a new Windows Vista system, RM Integris (Omnis.exe) crashed upon first execution when it reached the “Open / Create Datafile” dialog. The application was traced with Microsoft Dependency Walker and it recorded an Access Violation in GrooveUtil.DLL, a component of Microsoft Groove (itself a part of Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007) (Error 0xC0000005). This occurred without any user notification (the application unexpectedly quit without displaying any error dialog, and no event was logged by Windows). Uninstalling MS Groove from Office 2007 has cured the problem to date.