One Up for Vista, Two More Down

Earlier I described the saga of getting printer drivers that work under Vista without crashing the spooler subsystem.

I am pleased to say that after loading the Vista drivers onto the server and deploying them through a custom GPO that only deploys those Vista compatible printers, the first machine I joined to the domain after that has (so far) been completely stable and able to print. So far it is just test page printing.

On the other hand, despite running GPUPDATE I have not been able to get the old printers removed on the previous test machine that I was using. These older printers have various problem drivers and their non removal will simply cause more failures on that system.

On another test system today I was unable to install an application locally despite being logged on as a member of the Domain Admins group – which should have given me full control over the local system. Add to that the very first machine whose problems have been listed in a previous message and it looks like Vista is still too bleeding edge to be taken seriously yet.

When Office 2007 turns up here as well as our VLK and new security software I will start more serious testing of various things.