Rolling out Vista to the student desktop NOT

Unfortunately it didn’t take long to burst my bubble over the idea that we were going to roll out Vista on student desktops. It was not easy to predict. We have a modest amount of experience with Vista mainly on my own desktop where I have been using it all year, and I saw few problems in getting it to work (but then I log on with a domain administrator’s account). It was a whole different story getting it rolling for a student’s account. First was a little matter of creating a v2 mandatory profile. Then it would not update the user’s policies when we made a change in GPMC. Turns out you need to give the Domain Computers group permissions to access the base OU for the computer account. With such arcane and obscure technicalities as that to overcome we were not able to progress further, as Folder Redirection GPOs refused to execute. For most of our users, redirecting My Documents is important. In Vista, even when it is redirected, there is still a shortcut to the local Documents folder in the user’’s profile.