ScribeFire Firefox blogging plugin available

This is my first tryout of ScribeFire, a blogging plugin available for the Firefox open source web browser. Some time ago I mentioned Windows Live Writer, another option for those of us who prefer a proper blogging client as opposed to the limitations of a browser based composition system. ScribeFire is a Firefox plugin but it doesn’t require you to open a web page to use it; it is simply making use of the user interface of Firefox to run.

As I currently use Firefox as my default browser both at home and work, due to capabilities for advanced control of those annoying adverts, images and media, ScribeFire would be very convenient and therefore I will be trying it out as much as possible to see what it can do.

One significant improvement over WLW is the ability to justify text. Unfortunately it is still not possible to upload pictures in a Blogspot blog using this plugin so this limits its usefulness to my text-only blogs at present. There are a few little glitches in ScribeFire, one is that changing between it and Blogger’s web based composer often causes problems with justification of text.