Slingshot complaints feature in the Herald

Around two years ago I wrote about my trials in changing ISP from Telecom to Slingshot. The experience was bad enough that I ditched Slingshot and changed to TelstraClear and haven’t looked back. In fact I wondered why I hadn’t gone to Telstra in the first place. Today there’s an article in the Herald on Sunday about Slingshot. I don’t know if the experiences I had were similar to those mentioned. However I was fortunate in that Slingshot gave me a refund of advanced charges and waived the early termination fee; I only had to send the modem back to them.

One thing to be wary of is that Slingshot is not a member of the Telecom Dispute Resolution scheme. Most major carriers are and it gives you an avenue that you can follow if you feel a complaint has not been adequately resolved by the telco.