Switchcraft EH Series [2]

We received our order today of the inserts and some plates we had also bought from Jansens to go with them.


Here is what one of these looks like straight out of the bag. You will see that the coupler looks like a standard VGA gender changer, and in fact that’s exactly what it is. This is good if you ever have to replace one of these, although the M/F changer is hard to find as it is actually a joiner, and I have never seen them in a supplier’s catalogue. The coupler is reversible when assembled (obviously only applies to the M/F type).


And here, assembled to a plate. It can only be front mounted unless you make cutouts in your places to clear the VGA plug locking screws. I had thought it would be necessary to do this anyway with the front mount as shown but the design of the thing is such that the screws don’t go on deep enough to have a problem with the plate behind.

Thanks to Jansens who have recently taken the Switchcraft agency as this EH Series design is pretty well unique especially with the range of different connectors (Neutrik produce RJ-45, USB and Firewire connectors in this XLR size insert style as well, but not all the other stuff that Switchcraft have come up with).