Switching to Windows 7

Right now I am setting up Windows 7 on my home computer. This was not something I had planned to do but was driven by the fact that XP was working very poorly and would have to be repaired or reinstalled. This computer is pretty old now, it is an Intel 915 motherboard with only the onboard graphics and therefore has no driver for Windows 7, although the generic driver supplied by MS will drive my LCD screen to its full 1280×1024 native resolution. Office 2010 release version is installed as this has been released to Volume License customers since the end of April.  When I upgrade my PC I will transfer the boot disk image to the new PC so I don’t have to reinstall again (at least that is planned at this stage).

I am using Windows 7 x86 at home even though we have used x64 at work, the home situation is more likely to have older hardware which may only have 32 bit drivers. Although there is a 64 bit version of Office, I am following the MS recommendation to use 32 bit. So far in general the whole installation has gone smoothly with no hiccups.