Testing DPM 2010 Evaluation

Probable (preferred) backup solution:

Low end dedicated backup server (Intel entry server SC5299, S3210 board, Xeon, max 8 GB RAM, RAID-1 disks, Promise EX8350 8 port SATA disk controller) – $2000 – $2500

Stardom SOHOtank 4 tray removable disk array (eSATA)

Evaluating DPM for 180 days.

Automated agent deployment unsuccessful so far (probably firewall problems). Trying to install agent on WS2008 virtualised DC manually unsuccessful so far. Manual install agent onto a Windows 7 workstation succeeded. Workstation added to protection group and configured.

I think issues are already coming up with DPM’s design. Had hoped to be able to use NAS but DPM doesn’t support it. The big problem will be if using removable disks, will have to test with Sohotank as possibility exists that DPM won’t be able to cope with removal of disks. If so then look at other software.

UPDATE: Firestreamer can be added to DPM to work with removable storage. Will check further.

Agent install success on Hyper-V host server. Attached successfully. Requires KB 948465 (i.e. Service Pack 2) and KB 971394 installed on WS 2008 Hyper-V server. SP2 already installed. 971394 installed. Still getting prereq error mentioning above two updates on attempt to create protection group and add Hyper-V partition.

BackupExec is the alternative solution with various workarounds to keep cost down and simplify. For example taking a virtual server offline then backing up VHDs as alternative to expensive 1-size-fits-all-license for Hyper-V online backup component.