The Slingshot Experience – Finished

Earlier in the year I wrote about my experiences in switching from Telecom internet and phone, to Slingshot. Those posts made it clear that Slingshot didn’t live up to my expectations. Now, four months later, I just decided to cut out Slingshot altogether. In my estimation, it is hard to see how Slingshot today can still point to their Netguide award (which is several years ago now) based on my own impressions. The latest indignity is that they haven’t been open about the credits that were applied to my account. For various reason I decided to switch my VOIP phone to 2talk. Two weeks later I have still heard nothing from Slingshot, so I rang them to get them to refund the remaining credit. They agreed to do this, but they aren’t exactly being open about it; they can make money off keeping that money in deposit as long as I forget that it’s there. I don’t have any written record of any of these transactions on my accounts. They only send out an invoice each month, not a statement. They say you can look it up in their Visibill system, but you can only do that if you have a username and password, so in my case, where both my accounts are closed, I can’t look up anything at all.