The Teach-IT Goes Up!

Here’s our Teach-IT 2C141 up in our building. We installed it yesterday and I’ve spent part of today doing a little tweaking.


The reason we picked this is the ceiling you can see above – how high it is, and its slope. It would have almost have needed scaffolding to get to the ceiling, and there is no cavity. Hence we decided to purchase the Epson EMP-400W projector which is seen here on the mount. This brought the projector close enough to the wall to use a wall-mount. But not any old wall mount, you have to get one that throws a metre or more. Enter the Teach-IT, and our wholesaler had only just started to sell Herma product at that time.

In this room where floor space can be limited, you can have people right up the front of the room  without them getting in the way of the projector and that is a big advantage. Note, that projector is about three metres off the floor as it is seen here.